​Your reference point and voice

Residential Aged Care can seem extremely confusing and very overwhelming when trying to navigate all the paperwork, systems, and processes not to mention ensuring the facilities' accountability in relation to Aged Care rights.

We @ H.U.G.E. Today pride ourselves on knowing the in’s and outs of Residential Aged Care. 

What to look for, what questions to ask, and how to hold a facility accountable for what they agree and promise to provide our clients when entering their facility.

  •  We can answer questions on all things Residential Aged Care
  •  We can liaise with your facility of choice either prior to admission or after admission if you have questions. concerns or are unsure about anything.
  •  We can be your voice in all things Residential Aged Care – with Aged Care Quality and Commission, Advocacy groups, your facility, other external groups, and allied health professionals 

We are here to support you from the beginning and throughout your entire residency. Anything you need to know, need to talk about, need answers to, or just need to know where to find information, reach out because we are here to help and support you.