Ongoing Support after Residential Aged Care Placement

We enjoy seeing our clients receive the care and support required to enable a good quality of life. We like to ensure that what is promised prior to arrival is implemented and continued throughout our client’s residency within the home. 

To achieve this we thrive on providing ongoing support after placement. This ongoing support looks like the following:

  •  We can be your sounding board
  •  We can assist with understanding many things Residential Aged Care related 
  • We can support you during regular family case conferences with your facility, this can include attendance by a Registered Nurse as part of our team to provide EPOA’s, families and representatives with a clear understanding of the care being given – we work for you!
  •  We can provide a visitation schedule where we visit and assess the level of care, quality of food, and the environment, lifestyle program, and social need requirements. – we provide a full written report on our visitation
  •  Our visitation schedule can include clinical reviews – by a Registered Nurse
  •  After the visitation report is complete you can choose to have us raise any highlighted items with the facility on your behalf
  •  And much more.

Let us @ H.U.G.E. Today support you