Walk you through each step.

Where do I start? You might say. This is where H.U.G.E. Today can help. We are here for you from the beginning to end of your residency to explain, guide, and support you during the transition and while in Residential Aged Care.

We have been on both sides of this process, managing facilities, and having loved ones reside in facilities, so we are experienced in getting it right while removing stress and uncertainty.

Below are a few areas in which we can walk you through each step however, there are many more aspects to finding and moving into the right home based on your needs and wants.

  •  We meet with you – either face to face (we can come to you), via phone or video chat. The way we meet and communicate with you is your choice. We can accommodate whatever style of communication that feels most comfortable for you.
  •  We explain what the process is in finding the right home, what forms are required – both facility and government, what other arrangements are required i.e. EPOA and AHD as well as guide you through the admission process in a simple and stress-free manner.
  •  We can guide you in or complete all necessary paperwork required when needing to enter an Aged Care Facility
  •  We can attend tours with you or on your behalf and provide a detailed assessment of the home to give you more insight into what the home offers in the way of care, lifestyle, and quality of life.
  •  We can liaise with the facility and negotiate the care fees on your behalf
  • We work with you and/or on your behalf in finding the right fit for you/or your loved one.

Call us today to find out all that we can help with.