Getting to know you and understanding your health and social needs

Not all facilities have the same setup, décor, atmosphere, or room configuration, nor do they offer the same services to match everyone’s needs and preferences. Therefore, getting to know you and understanding your health and social wellbeing needs and preferences are extremely important for matching you with the right care facility.

How we do this is by meeting with you and talking to you directly, to a family member or friend. We have a set of questions we like to ask. 

Some of these questions are about:

  •  Your preferred location
  •  Your current living arrangement
  •  Your aged care history
  •  Your current financial position
  •  Contact details of your next of kin/your enduring power of attorney
  •  Your daily routines...
  •  Your personal care needs
  •  Your medical care needs
  •  Your personal habits and hobbies
  •  Who you are – your life story

We would also love for you to tell us anything you wish to share that may help in securing a place in the right home for you. 

We are happy to come to you, call you on the phone, or via video chat. Whatever is most comfortable for you.