Help navigate Aged Care Residential Services and make the most of what they offer

Transitioning into Residential Aged Care is a situation most people put off for as long as they can, well at least until it becomes a necessity, often leaving little time to organise and plan to find the right facility for the level and quality of care and social wellbeing required to suit their needs. 

This is where H.U.G.E. Today can help make a difference in turning a difficult and time-consuming process into a quick, simple, and easy transition. Most importantly we are here to support you through as little or as much of the process, that you require. 

We provide support from the beginning and if you chose, throughout your entire residency, ensuring the facility provides what is promised in terms of health care and social and wellbeing aspects for your quality of life.

Ways we assist with navigating Aged Care Residential Services are:

  •  Respite and Permanent care placement– application process
  •  Shortlist facilities to match your needs
  •  Arrange site tours – evaluations based on needs to ease the decision-making process
  •  Attend site tours where required
  •  Negotiating of discounted accommodation options on the client’s behalf
  •  Complete or assist in the completion of Centrelink/ DVA paperwork
  •  Enduring Power of Attorney / Enduring Guardianship – Implementation process
  •  Explanation of Residential Aged Care inclusion and how to make the most of them
  •  Explanation of all things Residential Aged Care – RAD, DAP, RAC, DAC , Daily basic fees, and any additional or extra services fees available.